Holistic Treatments

Indian Head Massage is a relaxing and de-stressing massage of the scalp, face, neck, shoulders and upper arms. It can be experienced sitting in a chair or lying on a massage couch. Although the massage focuses on the upper body, it will have a beneficial effect on the whole body.

Indian Head Massage is a wonderful compliment to yoga. They are both part of the same Ayurvedic holistic healing system, documented over 4000 years ago. Chakras are powerful energy centres that generate and store energy in the body.

Feel your tension melt away….  

This massage works on the upper chakras and helps to re-balance your energy by releasing any areas of negativity, tension or stress and promoting harmony within.

Indian Head Massage

  • £25 (30 minutes) 

Neck and shoulder massage

Relaxing and great at getting rid of those knots and tension!

  • £25 (30 minutes)  or £35  (45 minutes)