An enlightening 26-minute film about yoga

Raja Choudhury is an award-winning multimedia producer and filmmaker who has created numerous documentary films, Webby Award winning websites, digital installations and videos since 1993 in the UK, US and India. Trained as an Architect at London’s AA School of Architecture, his first film was titled “Spirituality in the Modern World” in 2006 and since then he has made “I Believe”, “The Modern Mystic” and “The Quantum Indians”. Raja is a TED speaker on “Indian Wisdom in Today’s World” and lives with his wife and daughter between New Delhi and New York.

I would like to invite you all to watch his movie “Yoga: Aligning to the Source” at

It’s a compelling 26-minute film introducing the vast subject of Yoga that is India’s most important gift to the world. Today, millions practice Yoga around the World. Yoga offers a comprehensive set of tools for living well and realigning one’s mind and body in a state of balance and harmony. This film provides a visually stunning beginners guide to many aspects of Yoga, its myths and origins, the journey of Yoga around the World and its scientific effects on the body and mind. The film includes interviews with BKS Iyengar, Dr. Karan SIngh, Devdutt Pattnaik, Yoga performances by Abhyas Trust, music from Layne Redmond and narration by David Vickery of the BBC. The film was written and directed by Raja Choudhury and produced for PSBT and The Public Diplomacy Division of the Ministry of External Affairs of India.

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