Holistic Treatments

Indian Head Massage is a relaxing and de-stressing massage of the scalp, face, neck, shoulders and upper arms. It can be experienced sitting in a chair or lying on a massage couch. Although the massage focuses on the upper body, it will have a beneficial effect on the whole body.

Indian Head Massage is a wonderful compliment to yoga. They are both part of the same Ayurvedic holistic healing system, documented over 4000 years ago. Chakras are powerful energy centres that generate and store energy in the body.

Feel your tension melt away….  This massage works on the upper chakras and helps to re-balance your energy by releasing any areas of negativity, tension or stress and promoting harmony within.

Indian Head Massage (30 minutes) – £25

Swedish Massage

Sometimes called Classic Massage, this is a massage of the whole body, using a variety of techniques specifically designed to relax muscles and other soft tissues. By applying pressure to the muscles against deeper muscles and bones, the muscle fibres are lengthened and toned. The massage strokes are performed in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart.

Releases muscle pain and tension
Removes toxins
Improves blood circulation
Enhances the immune system
De-stresses and relaxes

One hour-£40

Back and Shoulder Massage is incredibly relaxing and great at getting rid of knots and tension.

£25 or 30 minutes or £35 for 45 minutes

Hopi Ear Candles (made by Biosun)

Native American Indians from the Hopi tribe have used this therapy for centuries to revitalise the head and ears. The hollow bees-wax candle is a hand-made organic product.
The client relaxes on their side. The candle is lit and gently placed in the outer ear. A crackling sound is heard as the candle burns down in a controlled manner.
The process is then repeated on the other side.
This removes unwanted wax build up from the ears without discomfort leaving you clear-headed with a heightened sense of hearing.
This treatment is wonderfully relaxing and is particularly good for sinus problems, congestion and earaches and headaches.

For ultimate relaxation, why not try this treatment after a yoga class or an Indian Head Massage.

£25 for a treatment (45 minutes)

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